About Dan

I’m Daniel Griffin, but you can just call me Dan. I am a web developer who works with both frontend and backend development, currently working for goBrandgo!. I specialize in Symfony and WordPress.

I build websites from the ground up using awesome tools like PHP5.4, HTML5, CSS3, and Javscripts like Backbone and jQuery. Within the last year I’ve discovered Responsive Web Design and principles to make your websites marketable and immersed myself in the concepts, building websites that reach as many platforms as imaginable and touch everyone whose eyes set upon them. I also dab my nose in OS X and iOS Application programming, having a special attraction to the recent design concepts of iOS 7.

If you couldn’t tell, I’m very passionate about technology and make it a goal to help better the digital landscape with my skillset.


What can I do for you, you ask? Well, there’s quite a lot depending on what you’ve got going on in your head. From a website representing a product to an entire web application, I can be the man to help.

But what do I really do? I build WordPress based websites – from simple blogs and templates to entire e-commerce level shopping centers. When the need calls for it, I also build more advanced web applications and custom websites from the Symfony framework. Often, my projects include jQuery, LESS, and Skeleton to speed up development and aid in responsive, web 3.0-y behaviors and will always be built using PHP (a decade of experience, and my favorite language). I also enjoy the occasional iOS project.


  • ~$1,500+
    • Basic Wordpress Theme & Blog
    • Simple. Basic start for a blog, for example.
  • ~$3,000+
    • Advanced Wordpress
    • You've got a big idea, which needs big plans.
  • ~$6,000+
    • Custom Application
    • Built on more complicated tools, iOS Dev included.

Here is a simple chart breaking down my average costs to project scope. Keep in mind, I will not do a project for less than $500. After the site is set up & approved, ownership will be transferred to you, and you will be responsible from thereon out (including hosting). Though, I am willing to set you up with a decent provider if necessary and provide you with touch-ups and beginner training.

Getting in touch with Dan is easy. You can do it directly in the form here, or via a social media.

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