Hello! My name is Dan and I have a passion for programming. Long ago, I became curious to how the web worked and soon discovered the languages of the Internet. It wasn't too longer that I began to dive into server and dynamic Internet application development, doing my best to master PHP and JavaScript - and while still far from a master, I continued to compound my knowledge into more languages and depths of programming. From the web, my skills elegantly expanded into the application development and design realms over the last decade and I've developed a particular knack for iOS apps and Swift.

In the grand scheme of it all, I strive build simple solutions for complicated ideals by pushing every pixel into its place, both inside and out, without hesitation.

What I do

Web Design



Web App

I craft beautiful websites from Wordpress; I construction digital platforms from Symfony; I delicately piece together apps with Xcode; and IllustratormSketch and I are well acquainted. I've spent a decade learning the languages to turn ideas into reality.

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