About Dan

My name is Dan and it's my passion to build websites and apps.

Many a years ago, I started out as a self-taught web junkie who couldn't get get by with only knowing HTML so I began my direction of learning in backend website development, eventually moving on to start my career as a frontend web developer at GoBrandGo. Shortly after, I joined along side two partners to create my first company, Hedgehog Medical Websites, where I spearheaded development as CTO. After three quick years, we found ourselves acquired and I started the new steps into that journey called life.

At the moment, I do branding, website development, and iOS application development.

What I do

Web Design




In a nutshell: I do logos, websites, and apps.

I have a long history with Wordpress which I use to build the majority of my websites; I also use several pieces from Symfony to keep websites and web apps well tooled. I've spent a crazy amount of time with Xcode writing iOS apps and at this point, I think we're more than friends.

For design and mockups, I use Sketch, quite literally the best vector design tool ever. If you're a designer and haven't heard of it, stop what you're doing and visit that link now.

At the moment, my strongest dynamic languages are Swift and PHP since I work with them both daily. I'm also well acquainted with HTML, CSS (though I like LESS!), and Javascript and know very well what Google wants when it comes to ranking site structure and markup high in SEO.

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