Caramel Grocery List

Caramel Grocery List

Caramel, Shopping and Grocery Keeping

Caramel is my second and full-force entry into the App Store application. While being a simple way to keep track of your shopping lists and groceries, Caramel sports all the works: iPad, iCloud, iOS 11, Siri support and more.

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Caramel iPhone Example

I started Caramel at the end of 2016 with the goal to make a really good grocery list companion. After about a year of development, was about finally launched it into the App Store for $3 with limitless lists, a nice UI, and the ability to store Recipes.

Shortly after, Caramel went free to compete with the giants and gain exposure, instead offering full unlock (all features and ad-free!) for a price of $2.99. That was rough, but Caramel endured the adjustment. After this, Caramel was expanded to support iPad and iCloud – making it useful across a range of devices. It also gained many many structural improvements as I learned more and more about the Rx world. I’m still actively involved in Caramel and have a roadmap that I hope will lead it to be successful.

It’s written using Swift, utilizing RxSwift as the major tool to drive the entire thing. The database is backed by Core Data, and it dives into many system frameworks: Extensions (Today, Search, Siri), iCloud Documents, Spotlight, Message Stickers, among things. Next steps are to introduce Machine Learning to help master your lists with suggestions and reminders.

Today Widget

Caramel Today Widget

Quickly edit your primary lists.

Recipe Storage

Caramel Recipes Overview

The beginning of a roadmap involving Recipes

Caramel’s Branding

Caramel’s branding began roughly 3 months before development started and this included the name, icon, and basic UI mock-ups in Sketch.

Fun little fact: Caramel was the development name, originally intended to be replaced. Then the icon happened, I liked it, and it stuck.


The website was produced in the month media build up prior to official release in the store and is regularly updated. It’s built with WordPress and is being used as an information and marketing tool in companion to Caramel. It also gets regular updates about tips and new features to keep the content on it growing, even if just a small news blurb.